Sia v1.4.7 Release

Key Updates

  • Add --dry-run parameter to Skynet upload
  • Set ratio for MinBaseRPCPrice and MinSectorAccessPrice with MinDownloadBandwidthPrice

Bugs Fixed

  • Don’t delete hosts the renter has a contract with from hostdb
  • Initiate a hostdb rescan on startup if a host the

Sia v1.4.4 Release

Key Updates

  • Add a delay when modifying large contracts on hosts to prevent hosts from becoming unresponsive due to massive disk i/o.
  • Add --root parameter to siac renter delete that allows passing absolute instead of relative file paths.
  • Add

Keeping It Secure

Just over a week ago, the latest WiFi standard, WPA2, was cracked.  This will undoubtedly pose an even greater threat when connected to a network whether it is secured with a password or not.  The WPA2 vulnerability can be combated …

How It Was Made

As mentioned in my first post, this site was an experiment.  My intention was to create a “free” site using my own domain,, along with a system that is fully managed by myself instead of using a traditional web …