How It Was Made

As mentioned in my first post, this site was an experiment.  My intention was to create a “free” site using my own domain,, along with a system that is fully managed by myself instead of using a traditional web host service.  This would allow me to get a better understanding of the backend as well as the frontend of web servers.  By utilizing Google’s Cloud Platform and their Free Tier compute instance, I was able to create this site for absolutely no cost.

-Google Cloud Platform F1-Micro instance (1 vCPU and 600MB of RAM)
-Ubuntu 16.04 Server
-WordPress utilizing the LAMP stack.

Sure, the specs are pretty weak, but it really doesn’t take much power to run one website.  If you are interested in setting up a server for yourself, I followed DigitalOcean’s article to create the server hosting this site.  However, this article does not include the process of setting up the Google instance.