Sia v1.4.7 Release

Key Updates

  • Add --dry-run parameter to Skynet upload
  • Set ratio for MinBaseRPCPrice and MinSectorAccessPrice with MinDownloadBandwidthPrice

Bugs Fixed

  • Don’t delete hosts the renter has a contract with from hostdb
  • Initiate a hostdb rescan on startup if a host the renter has a contract with isn’t in the host tree
  • Increase max host downtime in hostbd from 10 days to 20 days.
  • Remove build.Critical and update to a metadata update


  • Add PaymentProcessor interface (host-side)
  • Move golangci-lint to make lint and remove make lint-all.
  • Add whitespace lint to catch extraneous whitespace and newlines.
  • Expand SiaPath unit testing to address more edge cases.